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Introducing the “Games of Giving” this Christmas!

In the spirit of unity and generosity, Symphony of Praise Initiative is set to host an extraordinary event, the “Games of Giving,” on December 23, 2023, starting at 10 am. This innovative initiative aims to bring joy and sustenance to 500 families in need during the festive season.

The “Games of Giving” is not your typical charity event. Beneficiaries will be given game tickets, distributed from this weekend leading up to the event and on the day itself. The venue, Arapasopo T-junction in Mile 2 Estate, Lagos, will be transformed into a hub of compassion, where families come together for a day filled with festive games and the chance to win essential food items.

This unique approach aims to infuse an element of joy and surprise into the act of giving. The anticipation of playing a game to win random food items adds an exciting twist, turning the act of charity into a shared experience that uplifts both the givers and receivers.

Help us feed 500 families by raising 5 million naira. Donate any amount to support this innovative concept where beneficiaries play a game to win random food items. Your generosity is a crucial piece of this compassionate puzzle.

Donate at or GTBank 0208745409 (Symphony of Praise Initiative).

Let’s make this Christmas a season of love and shared humanity.

See more information on this project here

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