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Announcing Employability 101 Career Fair

We know that what many youths in our community need right now is a source of income, so in order to positively impact our generation, we are hosting a #SOPEmployability 101 Career Seminar and Fair to assist eager fresh graduates in getting a head start.

According to James 2: 15–16, we will not disregard the obvious solutions to meet the genuine needs of our target audience, who also constitute a sizable portion of our society; GAINFUL EMPLOYMENT!

At the seminar on June 11, 2022, our seasoned volunteer speakers (partners in our cause) will cover three critical topics:

  • Rewriting the Winning CV
  • Making the Best First Impression at Interviews and Job Fairs
  • The Attitude of the Successful Candidate

We were able to collaborate with Crystal County Schools (a community partner) to offer the venue and facility for this event, and we collaborated with Alan & Grant to manage the job fair and exhibition part of the event.

Although admission to Empolyability 101 is free, registration is required. Registrants will complete the online form here to register.

Take advantage of the opportunity, since we will only be able to admit 50 participants for this first session owing to capacity limits at the venue.

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