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SOP Creative Bootcamp 2.0 To Begin This Month

The SOP Initiative has announced its objective to empower community youths through sponsored creative bootcamps while contributing to reducing the global talent shortage. The organization is poised to empower many creative youths in the community and offer them with considerable career prospects.

The SOP Creative bootcamp series, according to Seun Ayeni, President of SOP Initiative, would help to address the issue of unemployment among youths in Lagos communities. “There is currently a global talent gap in the creative and tech industries; millions of positions will have little or no skill over the next decade.” he claims.

SOP Initiative offers a series of skill bootcamps to upskill varied abilities and generate career possibilities in the creative and technology industries. “We have creative professionals who will culitvate and mentor new talents and ensure they have a solid part in the industry,” Seun added.

“We believe in a world where the chances for advancement that technology generates are available to everyone, regardless of gender, age, color, or region,” he said. As a result, our goal is to support 40 talents each year and considerably advance their careers.”

Talents with little to no expertise in technology will finish the Bootcamp training and have the opportunity to be placed in standard organizations in the creative and tech spheres as part of the SOP Creative Bootcamp series project.

“We are actively partnering with firms and individuals that have the same goal to guarantee that every digital talent has the opportunity to flourish in the sector,” said the president.

SOP Creative Bootcamp 2.0 is the second edition in the bootcamp series which had its first edition in May/June 2019.

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