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SOP Initiative to Celebrate 2018 World Humanitarian day with IDPs in Lagos Camp

It has become a tradition for us at SOP Initiative to join in the annual celebration of the World Humanitarian Day on August 19. Hence this year again, we are joining in to raise awareness on violence against the vulnerable and the unsuspecting ones.

The figure of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in our country is put at 2,181,218 ( who have been displaced from their communities by insurgents and violence. They have been moved to camps serving as temporary homes with their means of livelihood suddenly taken from them thus having to rely on others for their daily bread until they finally get a new settlement to start over.

Food, clothing and shelter remain the basic necessity of humans and this is why we believe we should reach out to them with some of these needs – food and clothing mainly.

We also know that there are people who share our values and may want to donate to this cause. Some may want to give out their unused clothes, while some will want to give food (packaged) for these IDPs. We at ConnectCharity are poised to connect such people with those in need which is our main objective.

The following are our goals and objectives as it relates to this project:

  • Raising our voices on social media and in our community to increase the awareness to stand against violence shown towards the vulnerable civilians in Nigeria.
  • Reaching out to kind hearted people to donate food supply for the affected IDPs in Nigeria via physical locations serving as collection points published on the campaign’s official web page (
  • Reaching out to Nigerians to donate clothing items for the same purpose via our online secure portal (

According to blood facts, blood donation is needed every second to save the life of patients around the world. Blood donation is one of the most selfless and most significant contribution that a person can make towards the society. The scarcity of blood donors is a major challenge in our health system today. In celebration of the World Humanitarian Day 2017, we have decided to champion this noble cause as part of our service to humanity.

SOP Initiative – a registered NGO with CAC, was established in 2005 and has since participated in several charitable projects around e.g. Partnering with LSBTC on a Blood drive campaign in 2017, Raising funds for the destitute, HIV and AIDs victim rehabilitation programs, Raising awareness and donations for Down Syndrome children, Empowering the Spinal Cord Injury victims, etc.

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