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#iGiveOutaChicken Campaign – ConnectCharity

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Okay people… the festive season is here again, and this time, we plan to feed 100 families this Christmas!  Here is the plan… we will buy 100 live chickens and distribute in 10 different indigent communities in Amuwo Odofin. Each chicken costs 1000 naira

When every Christian sees or hears the word ‘Ark’, the biblical story of Noah comes to mind, but that’s just a minute part of this focus. We may not be building a physical ark (only Mr Noah has had the grace do that) but we are figuratively building an ARK(Acts of Random Kindness), with tales of kindness shown from different people.It’s these stories that build the  ARK.

I love Christmas day not only because it’s my birthday, but it’s the day I can boldly say I became a child of God without any shred of doubt. And this day is significant for different people in different ways. As a team we realised that for some others out there,there’s nothing special about this day,they don’t even look forward to it, but rather it’s just another day to hustle for survival.

To help spread the magic of Christmas and the love of Christ, Connect Charity (an arm of TWF) decided to make the day memorable for 100 families by giving each deserving family one live chicken to celebrate with. We eventually had to raise the target to 250 families as the response from all you wonderful people was amazing! Some kind individuals all the way from the United States got their names on the ARK. The sweetest part is that nobody participating know the receiving families,they just tapped into the vision and gave.

This project is in obedience to Matt 25: 35-40. Our Focus was to give to the needy in our community- Amuwo, hence the following places benefited: the Spinal Cord Injury Association of Nigeria (SCIAN); Bethroey, a home for the mentally challenged; Lake View Phase 1; and the community right before Festac Link Bridge.

We hope you will be inspired to do a little if not more than we have done in our God-given capacity. Join our ARK for next year’s project or embark on one on your own. Kindness should be a lifestyle. 

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